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I am here in beautiful Baltimore, Maryland at the Spread The Word 2009 Conference directed by Rosey Dow. I have a one on one appointment with Rosey tomorrow.

Today I have an appointment with Cathy Perkins. She is a former computer programmer that fell in love with the Wordpress blogging platform and has since learned all things WordPress. Being, new to WordPress, I am looking forward to talking with her.  Maybe she can figure out why my search window is covering one of my Interior Decorating tabs. I need to learn to nest pages, jump from page to page and a whole lot more.

Well lunch is over and time to get back to the conference. So far…it has been amazing.

I didn’t have an appointment with Jeff Wark but he came and ate with Jim and I. We talked non-stop the whole time. I bought his program Publishing Empire Through Repurposing. Jeff Wark and Lori Steffen, known as the dynamic duo, produced the program.

Each speaker built upon what the previous speaker taught, with their own niche highlighted.  Rosey Dow gives new authors hope that they may take the book they are writing or have written and actually see it in print and not only that, they may see it formatted several different ways.

Rosey and I met for a 30 minute consultation after the conference was over. I expected to see a hurried and exhausted Rosey. I wouldn’t have blamed her. I almost felt guilty having an appointment with her because she gave her all to the conference.

What I received was an energized Rosey. This woman has more passion for what she is doing than I have words to explain it. She was pumped! Giving me almost an hour of her time, she also offered to do a free teleseminar with me! Just the consultation would have cost me $500.00 and a teleseminar too?  Rosey is one of the most unselfish and helpful people you would ever want to meet.

I came home with all the things I learned swirling in my head. At least now, after the Spread The Word 2009 conference, I have a plan of action.


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