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by Aggi Stevenson

From this…                                                            To this!

Big Lots planter folds for easy storage. At $12.99 each, they are cheap enough to buy several and spray paint them in designer colors to meet every occasion.

Opening the plant stand provides four serving levels.  The rest of the table is filled with various containers/holders. A beautiful wire two tier basket from Ross, a vanity tray from Southern Living, a napkin holder and plate holder from Costco. Notice the same turned leg on the metal pieces even though they were purchased at different places, the style is similar. More on those later. For now we are focusing on the plant stand transformation.

The shortest item is placed on the highest level. The glasses are Luminarc Prism cut glasses from Costco that reflect light and are perfect for formal or every day entertaining.  The middle glass is filled with water and holds two floating tea candles. The cut design in the surrounding glasses, turned upside down, bounces the light around the top of the server.  Note: When the glasses are removed from the top shelf, the candle holder left in the middle may become a little unstable unless it is sitting just right on the middle wire. To guard against tipping, the middle glass needs a larger base or more support. A clear plate or anything of your choosing should be placed underneath the glasses.

The Southern Living Savannah Beverage Server, the tallest item, is placed on the left level to balance the height of the server when loaded. This level also provides room to fill glasses from the spout.  Bread plates and bowls are loaded onto the remaining two levels.  The bread plates are placed between the clear glass pieces to break up the glass. The arrangement wouldn’t be as pretty if the glass was on one side and the serving pieces on the other.

This is a bare bones arrangement without flowers or any other embellishments.  Want more ideas on how to further decorate your walk-around serving table?  It’s coming soon…

A cheap plant stand becomes an elegant server…Imagine that!




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by Aggi Stevenson

Let’s rethink the ugly traditional bathroom tissue roll holders. They lack any resemblance of character.  They’re just there. Functional? You bet. Interesting? Not so much.

When your guests enter your powder room, give them ideas they may use in their own powder room. Like mounting a beautiful iron shelf  low on the wall, making a perfect Powder Room Butler.

The shelf also affords space for moist towelettes. I prefer the bigger, thicker, softer, facial towelettes. They are especially nice to have close by for children. It would be easy to just sit the tissue on the shelf, but why not make it special by placing the tissue in an interesting container?  I placed a fancy glass container in the bath with the crystal chandelier.

 In the old world style bath, I placed a piece of chocolate pottery on the shelf to hold (or hide) the bathroom tissue.  Get creative choosing containers to fit your style.

 I put matching shelves in the bathrooms on the lower level for continuity.

Now… Go have fun.

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