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Winter Picture Book




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 Mantle Garland

Toilet tissue shelf


The calm before the storm 🙂

Pretending to have a real fireplace.

To youngest grandchild, “No, it’s a camel…not a horsey…camel’s are mean…better put it back before it bites you!”

Softest throw ever…great place to read.

Hot Chocolate!


Lighted grapes and white crystal lights. Gives my drab kitchen some sparkle for Christmas.

Our comfort pit!



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This is the same plant stand from March. It is repurposed as a Christmas server. 

The Christmas dishes came from Big Lots when it first opened in Mullens, West Virginia.

The Christmas glasses came from Big Lots when it first opened in Mullens, West Virginia.

Backside of table

The Christmas stem ware came from McDonald’s in Lester Square, Crab Orchard, West Virginia…many moons ago. The Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus salt and pepper shaker came from an antique shop in Boonville, NC. in 2001.

This is the same coffee mug basket used in March. The Christmas Sugar bowl and creamer came from Big Lots when it first opened in Mullens, West Virginia. A small, clear glass bowl holds the floating candle.

For the best peanut butter cup tassies, chocolate coconut balls and chocolate crunch bar, I depend on my daughter Jami Harris, Elkin, NC. For the best carrot cake you have ever tasted, (1/2 inch thick cream cheese icing) I depend on my sister Cricket Hale, at Marty’s Third Base in Mullens, WV.  Hmm…think I will keep her cute Christmas plate.

I buy twin sheets to use for table cloths. I like the ends draping to the floor with the table legs peeking out in the front and back. When I want it fully draped, I use two twin sheets and cover the legs. For a nice contrast, use different colored sheets. I could’ve used white, red (hard to find) or a black sheet (or any color) underneath or over the green sheet depending on the look I’m aiming for. I can buy two twin sheets for much less than I can buy one tablecloth.

We don’t have to spend a lot of money on seasonal dinner ware. It’s cheap, so let’s have fun with it…Imagine That!

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The backside of the table:

Try putting coffee in a large commercial type pump pot. It’s more convenient than lifting, pouring, and replacing a pot on the warmer. Put cups on a wire basket with a similar design. Make napkins, jellies, and mini loaf wheat bread, easily accessible to guests as they make their way around the serving table.

Use the fruit cups from your dinnerware set (or small bowls) as floating candle holders. Place on a vanity tray with salt and pepper shakers.

Place sugar and cream, with stir sticks, and another floating candle on the top rack of the mug basket.

The base of the Southern Living Beverage Server has a space that is perfect for adding color.

Fruit is a good choice for the base, but flowers would be nice as well. View from back of the table.

View of fruit base from front.

Notice the top of the Beverage Server is inverted, providing a perfect container for individual water flavorings, such as raspberry, lemonade, tea and punch. Since the Beverage Server is elevated, the base of a cheese server positions the glass closer to the spout.

Don’t fret…if plates are too large to fit in the plate holder, flip it upside down and use it as a plate stand. Just look what an opportunity it provides underneath for more fruit or flowers. The possiblitilities are endless. Imagine that!

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