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I must say, it was a fantastic, funny, relaxing, stress-free, and entertaining evening!

 It was a first for me, but won’t be the last. I hosted an all girl dinner party in my pajamas. My guests arrived in their pajamas as well.

I layered the place setting with a silver charger, clear dinner plate, and an antique Lu-Ray salad plate on top. Before setting the table, I ran the pink dishes through the dishwasher instead of hand washing them, and some were chipped and couldn’t be used.  So I mixed dark green antique cups in with the pink dishes along with two matching pitchers for tea. I’d intended to use clear glasses, but once I had to improvise, I used green stemware to compliment the green pieces. It was mix and match but it worked. Remember the number one Aggi rule. Whatever you do, make it look intentional.

The evening ticked away with much laughter, celebration and bonding.

My big entertaining boo-b00. Evidently, I was interrupted while setting the table and didn’t remember to go back to it. Even while lighting the candles, I didn’t notice that one place setting had a knife only. My guest who sat there had to ask for silverware.  There’s just something very laid back about being in your   pajamas, and we laughed it off.

Phyllis, the one without silverware, aka “Petunia.”

All the saucers matched regardless of the color of the cup setting on them, and was further unified by matching small stirring spoons for coffee and tea. A smaller pink tablecloth flanked the middle section of the table  providing a backdrop for the pink theme.

Aggi re-applying lipstick …

Donna caught in the sugar bowl …










Marilyn in the coolest Pj’s …

Sheryl, being mischievious …

Karen, funny girl (precious flower) …

Kay, pretending to be innocent …









We had a great time. Good food, wonderful friends, lots of chatter, and tons of fun! Can’t wait to do it again.


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