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I’ve got my hands full with this wonderful project. The home was built in 1940-41.  I hope you can help me with ideas as I work my way through the monumental task of bringing her out of disrepair and into her majestic splendor without changing her dated character. Some updates have been good, and some have not.  The gutters are pouring water onto the wood trim instead of draining out properly. Holes have appeared at every corner, and are big enough for pigeons to freely fly in and out. Notice the window air conditioner in the upstairs bedroom.

Paint is peeling from the wood trim on the sun porch, and the screen door is an old aluminum door that blends with the windows.

The dental moulding and fluted pilasters around the door are dirty and the paint is peeling. Shingles have blown off the top of the frame, and the full-view screen door is broken out. The metal frame is all that’s left. The stoop is covered with indoor/outdoor carpeting that is frayed. The house boasts of crown moulding around the top that wraps around the corners. However, some of it is rotten.

Notice the four window air conditioners on the back of the house. The upstairs veranda is leaking into the laundry room below, and the ceiling is falling down. Another aluminum screen door is on the back. The basement access has no covering. Her redeeming qualities, beyond her obvious charm,  is the nice patio out back, the roof is fairly new, and the beautiful lot has a circular driveway. So put your thinking caps on and help me rescue this beauty, located in Mount Airy, NC.


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 Hanna Sain

I’m impressed with Hanna Sain! You will be too. Hanna married her high school sweetheart Brian, and they have two preschool age boys, Jacob Solomon, and Benjamin Keith.  Hanna is a busy wife and mother, and attends Liberty University. You can become further acquainted with Hanna at www.myinsainlife.blogspot.com. Hanna is also the director of MOMS – Mothers of Many Seasons at Salem Baptist Church in Dobson, NC.  All moms of any season or age are invited to join us for devotion, snacks, and great conversation! Connect with this network of moms to be encouraged in your faith and life! Child care is provided. If you are interested in knowing more about MOMS email Hanna at hannasain@ymail.com Hanna can also be found on facebook and LinkIn.

This beautiful, young woman happily shares recipes and creative decorating tips with me, and I want to share a few with you.

At the Rags to Riches Women’s Tea, at Salem Baptist Church, this table caught my eye with all the red, and complimentary cream and green colors. Turns out that it was a table that Hanna had done. The centerpiece was beautiful. As you can see, the rim of the bowl is peeking out from the full flowers. I was curious as to how Hanna managed to get the flowers to stand up. It was so simple and easy once Hanna explained it to me. You can do it at home without buying a thing. Such a great idea for those times when you need a centerpiece on the spur of the moment.

Select the container you wish to use as a centerpiece. Hanna made a grid with scotch tape. She dropped the tape low enough into the bowl so that it wouldn’t show around the edges. Sticky side down. Non-sticky side up. After attaching the ends of the tape to the sides of the bowl, she has a perfect grid pattern. Any tape will work, just be careful not to let it show.

Hanna placed the full, red flowers around the base of the bowl first, keeping the center of the grid open.

She filled the center of the grid with white flowers and greenery. The centerpiece was the perfect height. It was full and just the right scale for the center of the round table. The table seated six, and the guests could hold a conversation without straining to see each other.

While at the Tea, some of us noticed these pretty flower centerpieces as well. Guess who created these? That’s right! Hanna! She took simple things from around her house to make these arrangements. She says she likes to use what she already has. This is another one of her creations that you can put together in minutes.  Fill quart size canning jars half full or so with pinto beans. Place your flowers of choice (she chose spring pastels) into the bean base, which serves the same purpose as the grid she makes. Tie a pretty ribbon around the jar, and you are ready to entertain with this stress free, effortless, conversation provoking, centerpiece. Who knew? Imagine that!

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