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Creative Gift Giving

(and receiving)

By Aggi Stevenson

We were so impressed with a gift we received this year.

Yes, it is fine to steal all the creative gift giving ideas you possibly can. Like this one from Lisa Angel. Lisa is the scanning co-ordinator at our D&J Galaxy store in Mount Airy, NC.

This one is especially nice because it obviously took time. It is beautifully put together and I wanted to show it off!


The basket is full of things handmade and presented in colorful tissue paper with a white paper underlay. It all sits in an oval Christmas basket with handles.

This is how she did it.


Lisa started with a woven handled basket in pretty Christmas colors. She lined the bottom with white tissue paper. The next layer is a colorful sheet of tissue paper with cut-out edges. She added a quart of homemade canned peppers and veggies and pints of mixed greens and chow chow from the garden. She used fruit laden labels for more color. The black eyed peas are in a bag adorned with holly. This is especially symbolic for this time of year. There is a tradition of eating black eyed peas on New Years Day in our area. 

 I wish you could smell the bag of potpourri Lisa added to the basket. It smells absolutely yummy.

She cut out a label with a zigzag design that says:

Christmas Potpourri

This potpourri was made from the land,

It was collected and gathered by hand.

It’s got apples and oranges and part of my tree!

Put a little in boiling water on the stove

for a smell so Christmasy!!

Lisa then topped it all off with Bogdon’s stick candy. 

Hats off to you Lisa and Thank You very much!

Jim and I will certainly enjoy this wonderful gift.img_0138




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