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Interior Decorating

By Aggi Stevenson

Many of us have a door or fireplace flanked by identical windows on each side.img_0067

It may look something like this

img_0069Or maybe this.

Well now is the time to get identical trees to place in front of these windows for next year because right now they are at least 50% off!

Start planning now for the way you will decorate next year and save a bundle. At the end of the season one year we went to Lowes to get twin trees to place in the windows beside the fireplace in the family room.  We were very limited on space so we had to choose the trees carefully. We chose to buy trees that were intended to go on either side of the door on the outside of the house. They are slimmer, smaller and are already pre-lit, decorated and come with their own container. 


 We tucked one in the corner at the end of the sofa.


The other one was placed in the corner across the room on the opposite side of the fireplace.

 Another good thing about this type of tree, that is designed to go outside, is that all the ornaments are tied on. The tree can be moved without the ornaments falling off. We put them in the attic until time to carry them down again without ever dismantling the tree or removing the ornaments.


We added a small tree skirt and a metal sleigh loaded with glass gift wrapped boxes that help reflect the light.

To hide the metal pole coming out of the base, I tucked white tueling into the urn and around the bottom of the pole.

img_0135 This is an unexpected way to add a couple of trees that are in scale and add a lot of drama to a small area. Go get yours now and take advantage of the deep discounts available this time of year. The regular Christmas trees sell very quickly. The outside trees are easier to get because few people realize they can use them inside. These trees are so well decorated and beautiful that not one person has ever asked it they are supposed to go outside.

Who says you can only use outside trees…outside?



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