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Welcome Marvin Green!

 I had the privilege of hearing from a childhood friend recently. Marvin Green is about the funniest guy you would ever want to meet. He has a gift of making you laugh even through emails.  I have read his posts before and leaned back in my chair and just lost it laughing.

He sent me a picture (which I am still trying to load) and along with it he sent me a poem. Well, you know what I thought. Roses are red…Violets are blue…and then it would end with something hilarious.

When I opened it, the poem was unexpected and I loved it!   I want to share it with you.  By permission, I am happy to give you: A Beginning.


A Beginning


People come and go

in this life we live

and the paths that crisscross

are a labyrinth of accidents

that some how are joined to form

our existence.


Have you ever told someone

what they mean to you,

told them you respect, adore, even love them;

said to them that you

miss their company,

confessed all of these emotions

but got nothing in return?


Have you ever been so excited

to hear, see, touch someone?

The sight of them caused your eyes to brighten.

The sound of their voice,

and you utter a sigh.

The slightest touch and all was well,

nothing else mattered.


Have you wished a single day

might last a lifetime,

the feeling that all was right in this world,

the euphoria of glimpsing

that reciprocated feeling

of  love in your loved ones eyes,

while the silence rages in your ears

as you embrace?


Two lives mix

to become one.

A couple that will last

a thousand lives.

And it only starts by telling someone

what they mean to you.

                                                                              _ Marvin Green



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