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By Aggi Stevenson

The red candle holders tied in perfectly with the Valentine’s Day tea. Used with a pink table-cloth, they gave the table a romantic and relaxing mood.

If you remember, I kept this pair of candle holders and base out after Christmas. I kept the base until the middle of January. After that, the only Christmas decorations left out was wintery items, like snowmen, winter garland and the red candle holders without the Christmas base.

Now that Valentines Day is over, the red candle holders will retreat to the attic until they are retrieved in November to  grace the Thanksgiving table.

This is the absolute end of Christmas decorations in our home and are only out now because they pulled double duty. No matter how much we love the season, it is time to let go.

We won’t discuss those icicle lights still dangling from the eaves. I say if the weather is too bad to take them down, the weather is too bad for the neighbors to complain…just one thing…what ever you do…don’t turn them on! 

 Think of all the holidays coming up you can decorate for, to hold you over until it is Christmas again. Now. Go have fun.  🙂


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