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by Aggi Stevenson

Interior Decorating

Little Brown Jugs

We have been talking about the correct size centerpiece for the table when we are entertaining. If we have to lean to see the person across from us, the centerpiece is too large.  The centerpiece becomes a nuisance and no matter how beautiful it is our guests will hate it. They will feel as though we have built a wall down the middle of the table.

Wouldn’t it be better to have a centerpiece that is actually a conversation piece? Wouldn’t it be better to hear “I would have never thought of that?”  A centerpiece can literally be anything. Anyone can put a vase of flowers on the table…yawn.

In a previous article I mentioned making a centerpiece from a collection of  little brown jugs. You can use any collection you may have. It takes at least three to be considered a collection.

 We had 28 people for dinner. The formal dining room table had a centerpiece made from a collection of little brown jugs. I put them in a wire basket and placed them in the middle of the table. I  inserted just a few flowers in the neck of the jugs filled with water.


 The water made the jugs more reflective. I placed tea candles around the base of the jugs.  A beautiful amber glow was visible from every angle. The light of the candles illuminated the jugs enough to see the stems through the glass, adding more interest.

The centerpiece made from a collection of little brown jugs was unexpected in a formal dining room. Just what I needed to tone down the formality. The comments were great. The best thing about it is that it was free. It is easy to make a centerpiece from just about anything. 

Note: I couldn’t get my original picture to upload. I had to go to my attic and try to re-create the October centerpiece. I had purple Dyanthus mini carnations in the jugs. (they won’t be back until spring) For this picture I had to use fake flowers and they look like fake flowers. Never a good idea. You will have to use your imagination on this one. 

Now go have fun.  Make your own centerpiece!


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