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Thank You God for a new year of life. I thank you in advance because I know I will live this year. Whether in the flesh or in the spirit, I do not know. Only you know Lord. My life is in your hands and I trust you for each moment of my being.

I thank you for your royal blood that flows through my veins and your never-ending love for me. I thank you for your white-knuckled grip on my heart and I never fear your letting go of me.

I thank you for your inexhaustible, supernatural word and the power of it as it rips through my heart,  mind, and soul. Conviction, reproof, principles, growth, encouragement, and love call to me from the pages.

 My finite mind cannot contain you. Your majesty and grace are as unfathomable as is your pain and suffering.

Your creation shouts of your glory. From the depths of the sea, to the highest mountain, and the vast heavens, the beauty of it is forever being discovered.  I am awe-struck at the hidden treasures you reveal through the telescope and microscope.

You are everywhere and your handiwork is evident in everything I see, hear and touch.  From the newborn child to the dying saint, you are manifested in the miraculous work of your hands, as we are created in your image.

The Holy Spirit groans within me, as I cannot find the words I wish to say to you.  I enter the Throne of Grace boldly and fall speechless before you. I feel inadequate to praise you properly. You know my heart. I love you as much as my sinful heart is able.

I thank you for the wonderful life you have given me, full of family and friends. Yet, there is a lonely place within me that never fills. I am a stranger here. I don’t quite belong. I feel like a traveler that never reaches their destination.  I am homesick. I long for you, my God.

I am standing because He is holding me up…..Aggi


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by Aggi Stevenson

 We are experiencing  the worse snow storm we have had in a very long time here in Boonville, NC.  All though it is beautiful, road conditions are treacherous. I suppose my husband didn’t take his four-wheel drive to work today because…umm…well…don’t know exactly why he didn’t take his four-wheel drive to work today.

Our manager closed the store early because of road conditions and bitter temperatures. My husband’s office is attached to the store but he was oblivious to the snow as he caught up on computer work.  I finally called him after dark and suggested it would be a good idea if he came home. 

Soon after, he called telling me he was almost home and couldn’t believe how bad the roads were. He was a little worried he wouldn’t make it up the small hill at the end of our 600 foot long driveway.  I gathered with two of my grandboys by the window to watch for Papaw. We prayed for God to bring him home safely.

They were excited to see his lights come into view. We watched as his vehicle struggled through several attempts and then turned sideways just as it topped the hill. We waited. The car rocked forward a little and back a little but mostly just sat there. Five-year-old Aaron must have gotten impatient. “Is God going to help him or not!”

God did help him. He got him home safely. But we didn’t pray for God to bring him all the way to the door. He allowed Papaw to walk some too.  Maybe he wanted to build character in him and build up his leg muscles too.

As he trudged up the long driveway, in the cold blowing snow, with the wind howling, he glanced at his four-wheel drive Suburban sitting there smiling, all covered with a big fluffy blanket of snow. He just shook his head and kept walking.

The boys were glad God brought him home safely. I was too. I made him hot chili and was pretty sure which vehicle he would drive tomorrow.

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       The leaves are still orange, red and yellow but will soon give into the dominantly brown shade of color all around. I am blessed to look out my office window and still see bright colors reflected in the pond. Thanksgiving will be here soon. It is a time of reflecting on the blessings God has bestowed upon us. His blessings are too many to count and if we listed them all, we would be writing into eternity.

     Along with the many blessings, come a great deal of heartache, strife and sickness. Sometimes these things have a way of crowding out the blessings if we focus on the negative or hurtful things in our lives. It’s hard not to. Afterall, these things scream for attention from deep within us.

     But really, Thanksgiving is upon every day of our lives. We have God, shelter, food and family. What more could a person want? Well…maybe the best for America.

     I pray we will always be a God-fearing and free country. That our leaders will look to God for guidance. That the laws of this country won’t be changed to enslave us all to the government. The election process will be free of tampering and fraud. That our school children will not be pawns of propaganda. Our military will be given the respect and support they deserve. Small businesses won’t be so laden with new tax burdens that they have to close their doors. Churches will stand and not coward behind tax exempt status. That America will remain strong and great instead of weak and defeated. That she will not be in debt to the point of becoming a slave to her debtors. That the flag will always stand for freedom and liberty. And that we will not take those things for granted.

     It is time to stand up for America. She will crumble if she continues on the path she is on. May we get on our knees and cry out to God to help her remain a light on the hill. The country that is fair-minded and a help in time of need to the nations of the world. A country that loves God and refuses to turn her back on his love and teachings. She will refuse to prostitute herself for the ideology of this world. She will remain victorious in her endeavor to do the right and Godly thing in all circumstances.

     God Bless America!

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