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Here it is again…Christmas. Our children are stuggling with what to get us because we have everything as they put it. Each year we tell them to spend that money on their children. I always weep as I open gifts from my children. How did they know I wanted and needed that? Pictures of  our grandchildren. The best gift we could get. Every year I say I am not going to cry but each year I do anyway.

Here it is again…Christmas. Once again Jim and I struggle with gifts for each other. We don’t need or want anything. All I want is him. I wondered how I could let him know how much I love and appreciate him and the way he has always taken such good care of our family.

Yesterday, I gave him my Christmas present. If he didn’t care for it, I knew I had plenty of time to get him something else. However…he seemed to love it. (I got a big hug and kiss for it) He said “You should have this published.”

Since he didn’t mind me sharing, I thought I would post it here.  Maybe this Christmas we could let our husbands know how much we love, appreciate and respect them. Maybe we could re-validate them as a gift from God. Our husbands go out every day and in some cases get pretty beaten up by the world. When he comes home…he should be treated like a man…not like one of the children.

Why not this Christmas let the man in your life know just how great he is. Get your pen and paper and give it a try.

Here goes; I hope you like it.


I Never Knew It Would Come To This

by Aggi Stevenson

We were young and so in love

Yet there were times we would fight.

We thought it took too much work

We both could see the end in sight.

It wore me out when we would argue

all I knew to do was pout.

Days were dark with thick depression

I just wanted out.

I never knew it would come to this

Our little boy was more important

than all our selfish woes.

He kept us loving as we played games

counting his fingers and toes.

The day they laid her in my arms

I thought my heart would fail.

Our little girl wrapped in a blanket

beside me so sweet and frail.

I never knew it would come to this.

He was the icing on the cake

the day he brought such joy.

We gazed into each other’s eyes

We were blessed with another boy.

All these blessings were a lot of work

and sometimes my nerves were frayed.

At night when they were all tucked in

you and I knelt and prayed.

I never knew it would come to this

I never knew the young man

I wed on that October day

was in this marriage for the long haul

come whatever may.

We always knew he put us first

and worked so hard to care for us.

He eagerly went to work each day

appreciated his job and did not fuss.

I never knew it would come to this

We had no idea what we were saying

when we promised to grow old together.

The road sometimes got muddy

but we emerged all the better.

Each day has been a journey

how could we have possibly known?

They would lay their babies

in our arms when they were grown.

I never knew it would come to this

We couldn’t hold back tears of joy as

each little life lay sleeping on our chest.

We whispered prayers in their ears

for we are truly blessed.

Life is much easier now

and sometimes it is quiet as a mouse.

I shake my head and laugh some days

at the two of us in this big house.

I never knew it would come to this

I never knew your love would last

and you would still call me Babe

or still bring me breakfast in bed

and opening doors would not fade.

We kiss our grandbabies on the head

and watch them grow year by year.

We give advice we shouldn’t give

remember how we hated that dear?

I never knew it would come to this

We can’t remember anyone’s name

Now that we are growing old.

We forget the simplest things

and get lost wherever we go.

We don’t get excited about the small things

we just work to make them better.

We had no idea what God had in store for us

I am glad we did it together.


I never knew it would come to this

but Babe, I’m glad it did.


For my husband

The love of my life

Merry Christmas



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