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One Minute Tid Bits

by Aggi Stevenson

Writing is the art of transferring our thoughts, our story and our emotions to the hearts and minds of those reading it.

Sometimes as the story travels through the brain and down to our keyboard, things get a little confused. We know what we want to say. We know the story well. We have the big picture so to speak.  It is easy to assume our reader has the same picture in their minds that we have. We may leave out important details because we do know the story so well.

Read your writing out loud or have someone read it back to you. If the story is hard to follow it becomes confusing to the reader.  Go back and concentrate on smaller sections, moving the story along at a slower pace. This allows you to express more detail making the  intention of your story clear.

Don’t worry about getting too much detail. It can be edited later. There is no fix for lack of detail.

Don’t try so hard to get the reader to see the exact picture you see. Leave enough to the imagination that each person reading your story can make it personal for them. The reader may remember a character because they are reminded of someone they know or themselves.

Now go have fun. Write!


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