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by Aggi Stevenson

Yesterday we discussed how to make your ten minute flower arrangement (featured the day before) become even more dramatic by setting it in front of a strategically placed mirror.

Today I will show you how to make cheap and beautiful art for your home from the same ten minute flower arrangement.


I covered my kitchen island with an old table cloth and set my ten minute flower arrangement on it. I like to mix the old with the new. I then placed a Gregg Shorthand text book by John R. Greeg with 1893 as the first copyright date and laid current reading glasses on the book. I added an antique leather sheath with a broken pair of scissors and a letter opener on the cloth. I climbed onto my kitchen step stool and shot the picture from a higher angle than eye level with my digital camera. I put my camera card in my computer, printed the picture out and framed it. Walla…instant art!


This is the companion print with a very worn Bible lying near by. Again the old with the new. If you are going to make a series of prints, the theme needs to be consistent.



This print is the third of a series of four. I could have hung all four prints together in the same, similar, or mis-matched frames. I chose to use a rustic wall hanging that is designed to hold candles in the rings. Who says you have to use an item only for what it was intended? I put the other two prints in contemporary frames and simply leaned them against the traditional rustic wall hanging. In this picture I left the shorthand book but added a cup of coffee in a white milk glass cup from the 50’s.


This print is the ten minute flower arrangement with the same tattered Bible. The Bible has the same pair of current reading glasses that was on the shorthand book in the first print. You are only limited by your own imagination. Why not have art that means something special to you?

Now go have fun. Create your own artwork!


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Easy, quick, cheap and beautiful flower arrangements

Easy, quick, cheap and beautiful flower arrangements

Ten Minute Flower Arrangements
by Aggi Stevenson
You don’t have to be a florist to create beautiful flower arrangements for your home. There really is no substitute for live flowers. I have very little money in the flower arrangement above. I picked up the vase at a yard sale for a couple of dollars.  I simply go outside and clip some of whatever is growing around my house. You will see a couple of clippings from my Japanese maple tree, red burning bushes, green and yellow Eponymous and the green and white gaiety variety, Rose Glow and Crimson Pigmy Barberry bushes, Boston Ferns, and purple Dyanthus. Sometimes I have no idea what a plant is called but if it has pretty colors I will use it. I don’t spend a lot of time trying to make it look like it came from a florist. I let it take on it’s own personality. If you love it…that is all that matters.
Who says you can’t use sprigs from your shrubs and trees in a vase? They make beautiful free style arrangements and last longer than cut flowers. I get lots of compliments on my arrangements. Unless you have a landscaper or florist in most people will never know the difference. Even if you do have a florist or landscaper in, it just may give them a different perspective on what you can put in a vase and display. Just select a variety of colors. Fill the vase with water and presto…you have a live arrangement.
This arrangement is big, bold, beautiful and cheap!  It is not intended to stay on the table during dinner. You should never have an arrangement that your guests cannot comfortably see over. Many people think this rule does not apply to bud vases. Nothing is more annoying than constantly having to lean and peek around a flower arrangement to converse with your guests. I was at a dinner recently with eight people at a round table with a high bud vase of flowers in the middle of the table. The arrangement was nice but someone finally laid the vase on it’s side so we could see each other. It is better to have no center piece at all rather than a tall arrangement.
Now go have fun. Make your own arrangements!
Tomorrow I will show you what I do with the same arrangement to make it even more dramatic.
The next day I will show you how to capture the beauty of your arrangement and make cheap and beautiful artwork…even a series!

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