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Thank You God for a new year of life. I thank you in advance because I know I will live this year. Whether in the flesh or in the spirit, I do not know. Only you know Lord. My life is in your hands and I trust you for each moment of my being.

I thank you for your royal blood that flows through my veins and your never-ending love for me. I thank you for your white-knuckled grip on my heart and I never fear your letting go of me.

I thank you for your inexhaustible, supernatural word and the power of it as it rips through my heart,  mind, and soul. Conviction, reproof, principles, growth, encouragement, and love call to me from the pages.

 My finite mind cannot contain you. Your majesty and grace are as unfathomable as is your pain and suffering.

Your creation shouts of your glory. From the depths of the sea, to the highest mountain, and the vast heavens, the beauty of it is forever being discovered.  I am awe-struck at the hidden treasures you reveal through the telescope and microscope.

You are everywhere and your handiwork is evident in everything I see, hear and touch.  From the newborn child to the dying saint, you are manifested in the miraculous work of your hands, as we are created in your image.

The Holy Spirit groans within me, as I cannot find the words I wish to say to you.  I enter the Throne of Grace boldly and fall speechless before you. I feel inadequate to praise you properly. You know my heart. I love you as much as my sinful heart is able.

I thank you for the wonderful life you have given me, full of family and friends. Yet, there is a lonely place within me that never fills. I am a stranger here. I don’t quite belong. I feel like a traveler that never reaches their destination.  I am homesick. I long for you, my God.

I am standing because He is holding me up…..Aggi


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