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So much has happened since I started the makeover on my “Mayberry” (Mount Airy, NC) house. I’m glad I did it, but must admit that it was very difficult at times. She has been named The Mayberry Manor, but she is better known as the Caudle home place. To see the transformation unfold before your very eyes, please visit the Mayberry Manor page of this blog. I’m still amazed as I look back at the before photos, and I think you will be too.


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After some TLC  

When considering a re-do, you must look beyond the mess at hand. Imagine how it could look. What’s the potential of the space? Furnish to scale.  Don’t be tempted to put a large table in the space just because it’s the only eating area in the house. The room will look smaller and over crowded, not larger. The table could accommodate the leaf and two more chairs when there is an overflow of guests. However, for the size of the room, a four-top is perfect.  We loved the transformation. Imagine that!!

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