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White Walls: Yes or No?

by Aggi Stevenson

One Minute Decorating Tip

What do you really love? Then do that!

White walls can give a room a cold, sterile atmosphere. Most of the time there is a stark contrast between the walls and artwork, furniture, floors and drapes. Most people think white is the easiest color to deal with because they don’t consider white a color. In reality it is very difficult. Those with no decorating ability at all will opt for white paint because they can’t decide on a color or are afraid to try color.

Those people that are stuck with white walls because they are renting are always trying to find ways to cover the walls in color without using paint, like fabric or lattice etc.

Don’t be afraid to try color. It is just paint…it is not permanent. You can always change it if  you don’t like it. However, I strongly suggest you live with the color at least a week before changing it. Paint color looks differently different times of the day. You may just take a liking to it. Color to me is like draping a room in a warm blanket. Color tolerates a little clutter better than white. It blends in with the colors in your furniture, artwork and floors.

That being said, white done right can be beautiful. Using different tones of white in your room will make the room appear to have color in it. When I think of a white room, I think of a modern sleek room with black and white furnishings, glass and chrome or brushed nickel accents, with a monotone rug to ground everything. Shiny surfaces like glass or acrylic tables, lamps, chandeliers and floors are needed to bounce light around the room. Clutter will defeat the purpose and artwork should be kept to a minimum. One large piece of artwork on a white wall is better than several small pieces, unless the small pieces are grouped together to visually appear as one large piece. Some people choose to use artwork for splashes of color in a white space while others prefer black and white only. Instead of a cold stark room, with a little planning, it can be serene and inviting.

Personally, the only white walls in my home are the fifth wall in every room, the ceiling. I used to be so anti-white I even painted my ceilings any color but white. I am back to white ceilings and wordwork now. When I stop loving it, I will change it.

Many people are afraid to try things because they worry what others will think. Get that out of your mind. They don’t live in your space, you do!

Now go have fun. Decorate with the colors you love!


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